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Our role as Managers now has an even greater International focus that brings us to operate in an environment of true globalization after geographical and functional barriers have been removed.
In this context, the number of Managers who have to transfer their place of business to a different country, or simply evaluate the advisability of taking this step, is continuously growing. A population of Managers with different profiles, as well as different nationalities: Italian Managers who permanently relocate abroad or foreigner Managers who move to Italy. The complexity involved in these changes is very high and not every company is able to support us fully in these decisions.

For this reason Manageritalia Lombardia has decided to provide its associates with a new specific service, World Wide Manager, starting from January 2018.
This new service is dedicated to Managers who are already having, or are planning this professional experience, since when moving from one country to another you have to deal not only with a new business and professional environment, but also with laws, rules and regulations, obligations and cultures which are different from those of your own country.

This new service covers many areas, especially the areas related to the private sphere of the Manager and his/her family, and the ultimate goal is to facilitate and make this delicate phase of his/her life safer.

As with all the other services provided by Manageritalia Milano, also in the case of  World Wide Manager the first meeting with the consultants of the Professional Firms expert in these matters will be free of charge and by appointment.

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